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advanced warehouse facilities with chilled storage, in-house x-ray scanning and hand packing facilities
The organisation is physically located in London (UK). The facility is within the London Heathrow perimeter. We operate from a safe, secure and detached warehouse premises. Our unique location provides excellent access to the airport and all major road arteries including the M25.

The warehouse affords a working space of 21,000 sqft. Within this area, there are two chiller rooms covering a space of 3,000 sqft each - dedicated for goods that require a temperature controlled environment. There is a network of CCTV cameras that operate both within and outside the warehouse premises.

The operations facility is located in a cul-de-sac adjacent to Western International Market in West London. The facility operates 24hrs a day 364 days a year. This provides our client base with great flexibility in delivering/collecting their cargo during unsocial hours.
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